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I am a Maker

I am pretty much in nonstop making mode right now! When I'm not making art, I'm creating professional development for teachers or yoga programs for kids and adults or ebooks for teachers or social/emotional tools for the classroom or I'm crocheting wash clothes or making lunch for my son.

It's amazing!  The challenge is to learn to pace myself.  Sometimes I have to make myself stop for food or to move or to rest!

Here are a few artsy bits from the past few days:

The Art of Promoting Yoga

What has this artist been up to this week?  First I have a top secret project that I submitted today.  {I'm dying to share, but my lips are sealed!}

I have spent hours and loads of creative energy designing a little weebly site for Brave Yoga {please check it out} and promotional materials--some of which are hand drawn and not quite finished.  Tomorrow I will work a little more, actually teach yoga, and then plan to take Sam to the Akron Art Museum for some inspiration

Here is one flyer with a photo I took this summer:

Can't Wait for Mum Fest Open House at ACoT


Two New Box Books

I've been creating a couple new box books of inspiration!  They are now in my studio.   They are $45 each.  Email me if you would like to see them!
STRONG AFFIRMATIONS is just that--affirmations

ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK is filled with quotes about taking risks!

Studio Made Up for BAM

I put a little make up on the studio to turn it into a little shop for BAM, instead of its usual work space.

It was a great day with loads of support for art in Barberton! I hope everyone out there is supporting local art and small business.

Photo Cards

I loved taking photos while I was at Lakeside a couple weeks ago.  I turned some of my favorites into photo cards.  They are available at my studio in ACoT.  Stop by on Saturday, August 8, for BAM!  Barberton Art Mart.  I will be in between 10:30 and 6ish.  You will also have the chance to see other arts and crafts in the streets and shops around us!  There will be live music and lots of fun.