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The Brave Maker This Week

Sometimes I don't give myself credit for all the stuff I make every single week.  I'm sure I'm leaving something off the list here, but this is what I've been making this week:

Monday at Just 4 Girls Yoga we made Kindness Wands.  {register for next session}

I started on a new painting--much more done than seen below!

Marshmallow souffle?  Nope--smore dessert dip--just add graham crackers.  This small amount is perfect for 2 - 3 people.

Newspaper flower prototype for upcoming Reworks "Make Art Not Waste" Event

I did a bit of a rearrange in my studio.

I'm still creating mini journals so that you can write your story.

I'm also decided this week to do a big writing project in November!
I started projects for a workshop I'm offering next month to create Upcycled Holiday decorations and gifts.  This included making some wool felted garlands, recycled handmade paper books, tags and labels, and magazine page stationary and gift cards.
I continue to write s…

Mystifying Art Show

Enjoy the season and see some spooky art!  Opening is this Friday, 5 p.m. til ?? See if you can find my garden!
Also, pop into my studio to enjoy art that is mostly the opposite of the work upstairs!   I'll be there from 5 - 8:30.

Write Your Own Story Mini Journals


Those words always make my heart happy.
Are you looking for a little gift to share with many people over the holiday season

I am introducing my Write Your Own Story Mini Journals!
​These amazing little gems started life as a simple little notecard, ordinary paper, and a bit of floss.  When combined with a magic needle they become little treasures that inspire the writer, the artist, the maker, the lover in all of us.  {See all the options HERE NOW!}

Here are some FAQs:

What can I do with my mini journal?
Here are a few of my ideas for your mini journal: Gratitude journalSketchbookPoetryLove letterMost Important TasksTo do listPortable art journal
Why is it called Write your own story?
People often need permission to do something, so I wrote you a little creative permission slip with it.
Just for you I said,  "Go ahead! ~ Be Brave! ~ Create!"

How can I use this as a gift?
I have two different ideas for this one.
First it would be wonderful to receive this as snail…

What happens when you have a creative dry spell?

What happens when you have a creative dry spell?  For me, I start to panic.  I worry about money.  I think I've made a terrible mistake.

And then I remember:  THIS IS ALL PART OF THE PROCESS!

I just went through about a week of this.  Usually I have way more ideas than I can actualize in the time constraints of being a human on this planet.  Not this time.  All I could see was everything that wasn't working.  And I felt so much fear.

Here is what did work this time:

The big thing was that I started to clean out my home studio that had turned into a storage closet.  I found materials I forgot I had. I looked through old notebooks that were filled with old ideas.  I could see patterns and a few themes that kept repeating.  I found old things I had made, and I was surprised by how cool some of them were.

I started to do some little things I could control.  I worked on my son's Halloween costume.  I paid my bills. {Official least favorite task.  I secretly want to be rich and…

Paranormal Preview

So my art is generally at the opposite pole from paranormal, but I created a piece for a show that is opening here at ACoT a week from tomorrow.

It's titled, "Quite Contrary Garden."

Here are a few sneak peaks:

Mandala at Sunrise

Here is a piece I finished yesterday--Mandala at Sunrise

Winter Peace Premier Greeting Card

I am head over heels excited to present this original piece of art--Winter Peace--as a professionally printed seasonal greeting card.  
I have loved fat little birds for as long as I can remember.  This guy is extra special, and I'm delighted to share him with you.  I completed this piece in the early months of 2015, and I just loved its warmth and simplicity.
I think it makes a fabulous Christmas or New Year card.  It would also make an amazing party invitation, thank you note or just a fun card to send.
These cards are printed on 110 lb. premium card stock with a gloss finish--nice and thick and VERY attractive.  Envelopes are white.  The card is blank inside and waiting for your personalized message.
You may order sets of 10 or 30 HERE.  {There is no charge for shipping during the month of October!}
Individual cards are available in my studio for $ 2.75 each.  {Make an appointment to visit my studio.}