Thursday, April 21, 2016

See You At 4th Friday Art Walk

I'm really excited to see you at Barberton's 4th Friday Art Walk tomorrow!  I have switched up some of the goodies in my studio.  I have a little theme--Starry Night, so if you whisper, "Starry Night," I have a little treat I made for you.  ACoT will be bustling with a student art show, live music, a selfie station in the front window, and open studios!

Here is a little show and tell of what is waiting for you in Studio 102:

Lots of brand new greeting cards are hanging on the door.

"Sailing Regatta" is resting above the door while looking for a home.

Earth Day Sale on handmade paper items--20% off

Inspiration to go sets are all boxed up

Magic wands are standing tall like an army of enchantment

Card sets and wisdom cards are waiting patiently with some of the little cubed canvases.

Brave Inspiration Card Decks are waiting to inspire you.

Lots of greeting cards are waiting from the perch where they are clipped.

Looking in from the outside.

Freshened the front window with "Hope In Bloom," "Wish" cubed canvas, and cards

See "Holding Infinite Sacred Space"--it's the newest big canvas.

We're going to have a good time!  Enjoy art!  Be inspired!  Support local businesses!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Altered Board Book Creation

Last evening I said good bye to the two amazing students I had in my Making Masterpiece classes.  We had looked at famous pieces of art by famous artists.  We had incorporated design elements and techniques into each project.  This last week was a fun week to incorporate various techniques and elements into one project.  We made altered books.

I loved the work the girls created, but today I'm sharing what I made.  It is still in process and waiting to become something amazing.  This seems extra cools since it ended up with a butterfly theme!

Crinkled tissue paper modge podged onto the cover with paper butterfly, washi tape, and buttons for embellishment

Tags and washi tape on a turquoise background

Orange paint wasn't covering well, but the stencil was AMAZING!

These pages stuck together, and I thought they were ruined, but it's my favorite with the sketchbook hidden away!

The last pages are just crying out for more, but they will have to wait.

This week I continue to work on a bit of art and a poem each day of poetry month.  You can see all of those over at Brave Teachers.

What are you making this week?

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