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January Kids Class: Impressed by Impressionism

Impressionism is one of the most beloved and recognized periods of art, and my Monday Kids' Class will be exploring some of the artists, use of light, color and movement, gardens, landscapes and people painted and drawn during this period of art history.  If you have an enthusiastic young artist in grades 2 - 6, I believe they will enjoy, learn, and grow during this six week program.

Classes are held at my studio in Summit Artspace on Tusc, 571 W. Tuscarawas Ave., Barberton, Ohio We meet on six Mondays, beginning January 8, from 6 - 7 p.m.  All materials are provided.  The group is kept small to provide individual attention and support.  The cost for this course is $90.

I can't wait to share the beauty of the Impressionists, along with how ground breaking their practices were (even though they are so accepted and appreciated today!)
If your looking for more creative experiences, this is a very positive environment for children to express their creativity within  a specific fr…

Online Auction of Inspirational and Whimsical Art

I'm offering some of my gift baskets, prints, and small original pieces of art as auctioned items on my Facebook page as an event. (@MiriamDanielArt)  This is a great way to get gift baskets, last minute gifts, and other bits of inspiration and whimsy.
Here is how it works:
1.  I will post 2 - 3 items each evening around 7 p.m.  There will be a minimum bid price, and if it looks like something you want/need, you can comment with the price you are bidding.   2.  Watch the bids to see when the price might be increasing! 3.  The winning bids will be announced the next evening.  (If the minimum bid isn't met, the item will be removed.) 4.  Winners will be invoiced for the price of the bid via my PayPal.  When you send the money you can choose to pick up the package at my studio or have the item shipped for an additional charge! 5.  Keep watching as new items will be placed up for auction each evening.
Thank you for supporting me by purchasing my work and sharing this crazy little…

Today's Offering: Words Speaking--Small Canvas Art

Are you looking for a sweet sentiment, a special word/phrase, or a word to guide you in the new year?  I have a nice variety of small pieces that can do just that.  Most are perfect to tuck onto a shelf or window sill.  They also make great gifts!

Fight Like A Girl

One highlight of 2017, was attending the Women's March in Washington, D.C.  The people I met.  The energy of such a large group.  It was amazing.

Memories of the experience have sustained me while I wrote, emailed, called, and visited the White House and my other "representatives."  I know that I am not alone!  I remember the sea of pink hats!  I remember the signs and shirts.  I cling to hope when despair is close at hand.

This print and/or postcards would make a great gift for your favorite feminists!  I feel like there is so much strength in the heart of this art.  And we can all use a bit more of that!

If you're local, order by emailing me, and that can save on shipping.  If you're further afield, then order from my etsy shop.

Thanks for encouraging all the feminists to keep fighting the good fight!

Passages: A Year End Workshop of Beginnings

I am so excited to make this offering!  I am hosting a workshop that is a bit yoga and mindfulness, a bit art and creativity, and a bit ritual, goal setting, journaling and visioning the future in a gentle space with friends old and new.  Basically all of my favorites!

We will say farewell to the past year, and prepare to greet the new year with optimistic hope and a plan for be our best selves.

We will accomplish these goals by. . .

relaxing with some breathing, gentle stretching, and visualizing
decorating a journal
writing to a few prompts and webbing a plan
sipping tea and munching some treats
enjoying a warm space with open minded friends old and new

Does this sound like something for you?  Would you like to attend and gift the experience to a friend?  (This makes a great holiday or new year gift!!)

Here is how pricing works;

I want everyone who feels a tug toward this experience to be able to attend!

I suggest paying $30 for this lovely evening (which is such a bargain!)
You ca…

Fairy Realm Gift Basket is Today's Offering

Who can't use some more magic and whimsy in their life?  This gift basket is perfect for doing just that!  It's filled with handmade pieces that invite all of us to be young at heart and to believe that life can be a bit more magical.

Girl flower fairy has pail green petal skirts and bright green hair

The fairy house has detailing with moss on the roof, small rocks around the base, and pebbles framing the entrance.

This boy forest fairy is ready to take off on an adventure with his silk leaf wings and felt pouch with small acorn and rock inside.

Handmade paper wishing star.  "Make a wish and hang the star where moonbeams shine."

The set also includes a handcrafted Dragonfly Magic Wand and a rock painted with a heart--just a small bit of my heart

The set is in a long woven basket, wrapped in cellophane, and a gold flower accent.
This basket is one of a kind!  It's the only one, and it can be yours if your the first person to email or send me a message on FB.  Shi…

Small Business Saturday and Barberton Winter Wonderland

I am a small business woman.  I create and teach.  That is how I make a living and a life.  Today is the day to share our small business offerings with the world.  Now it's your turn.  You get to purchase from a real person who makes real things to fill the world with beauty and inspiration and courage.

This evening I will be at my studio at Summit Artspace on Tusc as part of Barberton Winter Wonderland, 5-8 p.m.  You can see the offering live and in person, and you can purchase art, classes, and workshops.  Then I get to pay my bills.  Easy-peasy.  Win-win

Thank you for supporting artists, especially for your generosity toward me!

Avoid the Crowds and Join Me to Make Gifts

I have a great idea! Instead of dealing with stressed and tired crowds searching for parking spaces and the most unbelievable deals on Thursday or Friday, join me Friday evening for the first of four Open Studio Gift Making Workshops!

We will enjoy Christmas music, warm tea or cocoa, and you can create unique and amazing gifts.  I provide the materials and space and gentle encouragement and instruction.

I'm also running a special deal for anyone who signs up for the first workshop!  Choose one project at full price and choose another project for 1/2 price.  You can return to any of the other Open Studio Workshops to finish your projects, just pay now.

IMPORTANT:  Pay for your first project from the pull down menu, and then in "Note to Seller"  tell me what your second project will be!  You will pay for the second project with cash, check, or credit, when you join me on Friday!  The deal only applies to projects purchased at the first studio workshop, but return as often…

Small Pieces of Original Art

Today's offering is small pieces of original paintings.  I know it's hard to find room on your walls for big pieces of art, but the pieces I'm offering today are small-- 4 x 4 and 4 x 12.  I'm currently selling the longer canvases for $40 and the small canvases for $18.  I'm making a great combo offering.  You can get the combos you see below for $50.  {I think these make a great gift for yourself or someone else!  Or keep one and give the other.}

The story behind the boxes. . .

Four summers ago Sam and I were able to spend the summer at Lakeside.  I even got to paint one day a week while I worked!  I didn't know what I was doing, but I bought a packages of little canvases and started to paint.  A woman saw me painting, and asked if I would add her granddaughters name to the piece.  I sure did!  And voila--the world of little canvases began for me.  Since then I have sold about 75 of these little babies.  Lots have had words attached to them, and others have ha…