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Love Letter Flying To A Wedding

This little handmade paper book is hand sewn with water color paper.  It is being packed and being taken by a bride to Mexico to give to her husband at their beach wedding!

I love the way things I create inspire such beautiful and inspiring human experiences.

Stop in my studio or make an appointment to visit the goodies to find something to inspire you.

I would love to bring my goodies to your next gathering of friends to share and sell.  It's like a tupperware party filled with beauty and kindness and a genuine love for life.

I would also love to do a trunk show in your retail shop or office.  Email me if you're interested.

September 4th Friday in Studio 102

This is a GREAT 4th Friday!  The whole area downtown is going to be packed with activity from 5-9.
Here are a few of the things that I have going in Studio 102 at the Art Center on Tusc:

I have a new corner cupboard that is filled with notecards, inspirational watercolors, magic wands, blank greeting cards, and more!  These items make such nice gifts for coworkers, friends, and stocking stuffers!

I have a suitcase with 4 little old paintings that desperately want to find their forever home. Each one is only $65--for this event only
Details from Magic Moon and Twinkling Stars

Details from Impatient Impatiens

Details from Bloom

And in honor of the Mum Festival, these two pieces have a special price this weekend, $90 each or both for $165

I hope to see you!  Bring some friends!  Be a part of the return of the magic city!

Another Painting Party Option

I love doing painting parties!  If you missed my first post about Autumn Art Parties, you may find it HERE.

I decided to take the abstract autumn tree and really make it my own.  It has my fun whimsical style all over it.  You're welcome to copy this one, but I can offer lots of ideas on how to make it your own style.  In between steps of the painting process I will demonstrate some fun techniques you can practice and then decide if you want to apply them to your masterpiece.  If you're interested in booking a party with this type of painting or another, CONTACT ME to schedule your event!

Autumn Art Parties

I am absolutely delighted to offer 3 options for Fall Painting Parties!  I LOVE doing parties.  I am especially delighted when I can customize for for showers, office parties, fundraisers, birthdays, reunions, and other milestone events.
Here is how it works: 1.  You think about where and when you want to do your painting party and about how many people you want to invite. 2.  You contact me, and we set up a date, time, and the piece your group will create. 3.  You invite your friends {and if at least 6 other people paint, the host paints for free!} 4.  The day of the party your space looks the way you want it to look and you provide the food and drink you want to provide. 5.  I arrive a few minutes before the party begins with all of the supplies--canvases, paints, brushes, etc. and I bring one case of my smaller creations that are available for your guests to purchase. 6.  Your guests arrive, pay me, and get comfy. 7.  We paint!  I take you step by step through the process, suggest …