Saturday, July 30, 2016

Potterfest Magic Wands

I love magic wands!  I have been having great fun making many Potter-ish wands for the Kent Potterfest.  I have also had great fun having their more colorful cousins inform me of their special powers.

Each one is a handcrafted and hand painted one of a kind creation.  I have dozens of wands ready to go!

If you are interested in wands or a special order of wands for a party, wedding, or corporate event, please email me.  {The large the order the more time I need to fill it!}

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Christmas in July

Winter Peace Greeting Cards

Tomorrow evening is Barberton 4th Friday.  That means we throw open the ACoT doors and my studio is open for purchase of art large and small.

I have many new wands in the $10 - 15 range.  I hope you will let the right one choose you!

I am running a Christmas in July special on my Winter Peace cards.  This is the BEST price of the year!  They will be $1.50 each or 12 for $15.  Come on out and stock up!

I look forward to seeing you!

And if you can't make it out, I would be happy to honor the same deal on cards through the end of the weekend, so email me.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Lakeside Plein Air 2016

I love this event!  It becomes more special as time goes by and I become more comfortable with myself and as an artist.

I so much enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing many old friends.  It does the spirit good to be connected with amazing human beings.

I got to spend a good chunk of time this weekend on my own--soaking up the love and light in order to create.  I was quite proficient for one weekend.

If you see something you like most of these and a few more are now at Miss Mercedes in Lakeside.

Fairies in the Herb Forest--SOLD

What will it become?

Saturday evening sunset

Tiger, tiger burning bright 12x12 $75

Summer Flowers and Sunshine 16x20 $145

Hollyhocks by the Lake 16x20, $145

Garden by the Lake 16x20 $145

Sunday afternoon sale on the lawn

Monday, July 4, 2016

July is Packed with Making and Showing and Selling Art

July 2016 is a busy month around here!

It's hard to believe how busy the next month is around here.  In addition to doing a few summer art camps with the Wayne Center for the Arts, hanging out with super Sam and enjoying the summer, I'm making and doing art like crazy!  Here are some of the highlights:

  • July 2, 5:30 - 7:00, Papermaking Demo at Rubber City Prints in Summit ArtSpace as part of the Akron Art Walk, Akron, Ohio
{If you're looking for a full workshop where you can walk away with paper that you made, sign up for Rubber City Prints' Workshop "Dive Into Printing."  On July 19 we will do tons of papermaking for printing and other creative endeavors!}

2015 Plein Air Painting and the flower bed that inspired it
  • July 16 - 17,  Lakeside Plein Air Festival, Lakeside, Ohio  Many amazing artists participate in this event.  Paintings are for sale Sunday afternoon in Central Park.  One of my favorites every year!
There is always an assortment of old and new works in ACoT Studio 102 for 4th Friday
  • July 22, 5:00 - 9:00  4th Friday Barberton, Ohio.  I will be in my studio, so stop in to see what is new, and I will have a communal mural in Nine Muses Gallery, where you can add to what I have started!

  • (Tentative) July 30, 6:00 - midnight, Kent Potterfest, Kent, Ohio.  I will unveil dozens of new wands that I expect to fly off the table to begin enchanting the lives of many people!

  • August 6, 5:30 - 7:00,  Papermaking Demo at Rubber City Prints in Summit ArtSpace as part of the Akron Art Walk, Akron, Ohio

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Join Me for a Bit of Papermaking

You can make your very own cute handmade paper star!

In collaboration with Rubber City Prints I am doing a paper making demo this evening, July 2, 2016, at Summit Artspace as part of the Akron Art Walk.

Pop in after 5 and before 7 to participate, observe, ask questions, and maybe even get a little messy.

I've been making recycled paper longer than any other art form.  It keeps coming back into my life.  I use most of my paper in book arts and card designs.  It is a wonderful medium for printmaking, too!

Cards for the Camino

To all the amazing people who follow my art, I'm not sure if I've told you about the epic adventure my son, Sam, and I are taking...