Monday, February 19, 2018

Proudly Presenting The Letter Writing Revival

Letter Writing Revival

Welcome to the Letter Writing Revival!

Have you ever wanted to strike one match and light up the world?

I have!  I do--right here, right now!

Let's fill the world with light and love and kindness by writing letters and sending beautiful handmade cards.

With full disclosure. . . I suck at sending cards and letters.  I intend to send out thank you cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, and so many other cards.  But I don't.  Life happens.  It slips my mind.  And in this age of electronics I've only gotten worse.

I have a friend, Lin, who writes amazing letters and cards.  Every single time I receive one I feel like the most important person in the world.

I want to share that feeling with others.  And I want to empower others to share the love and kindness all the way around the world.

Here is how it works:

1.  I make all sorts of standard size greeting cards. Some are photos of beautiful places.  Some are photos of art I created.  Some have small bits of art I created with paintings or quotes or mini collages.  Some have splashes of watercolor.  Some have handmade paper.  Some of those cards can be planted to grow wildflowers.  {Lots of creativity and love go into these little gems.}

Join Letter Writing Revival Today
Every month's Letter Writing Revival has a different theme!
Here are a list and sign up dates of the themes first 6 months:

Month          Theme                         Last Date to Sign Up
February       Plant These Cards         2/23
March           Nature Photos               3/23
April             May Day Magic            4/24
May              Sailing Away                 5/22
June              Red, White, & Blue       6/19
July              Summer Surprise            7/24

2.  You subscribe!  Sign up in advance, and pay a fantastic price to receive a set of my cards (between 4 - 8, depending on size and fanciness) in the mail.   Sometimes the cards will only be available via Letter Writing Revival or cards will premiere with Letter Writing Revival.  Sometimes you will receive cards that are already super loved favorites of my clients and friends.  You will also receive a little handwritten note from me, and a list of ideas/suggestions for what you might want to do with your cards.  Sometimes I'll tuck in extra goodies, too.  All of this will be delivered to your home via snail mail with no shipping charge!  Shipping takes place the Monday following the last date to sign up!  If you prefer you may pick up you Letter Writing Revival Care Package at my studio on 4th Friday, and as a bonus you may choose another greeting card from my studio supply and chat with me!

Join Letter Writing Revival Today

3.  You decide how and when to send your cards, and then you subscribe to the next month or 6 months at a time!  I get to keep creating amazing cards that put light and love and kindness into the world, and you receive unique greeting cards in exchange for supporting a working artist.  The world is flooded with amazing cards and becomes a more loving and brighter place.  This, my friends, is a revolution!

Join Letter Writing Revival Today

4.  This also makes and amazing gift.  Give one month or six months of amazing and unique greeting cards.


Have other questions?  Email me:


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