Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beautiful Barberton

Barberton, Ohio, is the city in which I live and work.  When I moved back here I could not have imagined that I would be here 12 years later.  Barberton is a one of a kind place.  It's called the Magic City, because it grew up overnight.  Since then the magic has come and gone and returned in so many different ways.  There is a stunning lake in the middle of town, Lake Anna.  And there is an adorable little downtown with unique small businesses.  I have so many amazing childhood memories of huge parades and stunning fireworks.  Now I see a gem with a bit of tarnish, and I want to share the treasure that I see in Barberton with others.

I decided to do a series of art, titled Beautiful Barberton.  I will be working throughout the year to highlight some of my favorite bits with my own creative twist.  Here is the beginning of the Beautiful Barberton Series:

Cherry Blossoms
11 x 14, Acrylic and marker on canvas
I needed a starting place to overcome the fear of starting, so I began with one of my favorite Barberton bits--when the cherry blossoms are out all around the lake.

OC Barber Dressed For Winter
11 x 14, Acrylic and marker on canvas
I have always admired this sculpture by Virgil Villers, and it especially made me smile when he wore a scarf the past couple winters.  This year he is a little chillier.

Winter Sunrise Over Lake Anna
11 x 14, Acrylic and marker on canvas
This is a view I have encountered a number of times in the past couple months.  I love the way the sunrise reflects on the snow and frozen lake.

What's grabbing your attention these days?  What are you creating?

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