Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Collection: Upcycled Inspiration

You know I'm all about the zippy, cheery, and hopeful inspiration.  It feels to me like we all need as much of that as we can possibly get these days.  I also love to upcycle and recycle whenever possible.

Enter my spring collection of little goodies all made with my little hands:

Let's begin with Inspiration Charms. . .

A whole collection of Inspiration Charms 


Can you believe these started life as flooring samples?


no words necessary

wild at heart

the bird and the bee


and then we have Magnetized Inspiration--a piece of my photography on a tile sample with magnets added.

ready for a magnet

Wooden Whimsy and Wit--rough bits of scrap lumber painted, decoupaged and quoted

More Cards--with bits I had laying around waiting to inspire someone!

Set of 4 joy collage photo notecards $10

Set of 4 let yourself believe dreams collage photo cards $10

All of these new treasures are available tomorrow evening at 4th Friday at my art studio.
I also have a fresh assortment of Potter Wands and Flower Fairy Dolls--both are $10 each

4th Friday Flash Sale in ACoT Studio 102

Cards for the Camino

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