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Relaxing Weekend Creating

So I was childless for about twenty hours this weekend.  I binge watched a TV series, ate junk food, and made stuff.  SUPER FUN!

What do you create when you have a bit of free time?

Some Fairy Magic

So our theme for last evenings 4th Friday was Midsummer Night's Dream.  I thought I'd create some fairy magic and whimsy for just the occasion.  I think this piece would be especially enchanting in a child's room or near a fairy garden!

Creative Recharging

One of the most powerful lessons I've learned in the past year is that I cannot create nonstop.  I cannot work on the same thing for a whole work day.  I cannot put in a 40 hour creative work week.  I must do a creative recharge.  {With the recharge I can sometimes do 50 or 60 hours of creating, and some very long days, but I have to know when and how to recharge.

The past few days I spent my time just being a mom, building drip castles, eating ice cream, beach combing for glass and shells  {and heart shaped rocks}, picnicing in the shadow of a light house, watching ridiculous cartoons, visiting fairy gardens, and the such.

I did not blog or write or paint or market my art or courses.  I just was.  I was doing a full on creative recharge.  [I fought this and resisted, but in the end I surrendered.]

I am now officially ready for my summer work to begin.  This week I start camp at the Wayne Center for the Arts.  I also start  Just 4 Girls Yoga:  Sheroes Series this Thursday.  Next …