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Host an Art Party

I'm so pleased to announce that I am available to do Art Parties and Trunk Shows in your home with your friends!

Make holiday shopping a piece of cake for you and your friends.  Invite friends and tidy your house and make some snacks.  I will bring a wide assortment of art pieces {from a couple bucks to a couple hundred bucks} to your home.  I will show many original art pieces, suggest how items can be packaged together.  You and your friends will have one of a kind gifts to give this year and the satisfaction of supporting a local artist.

Email me today to schedule your event or ask questions.

Invite your friends over for a creative event together.  Make memories!  Make art!  I will instruct your group in creating one of a kind pieces.  We can paint on canvas, watercolor, or create collages.  I provided all the materials.  This is a wonderful way to celebrate a special event such as a shower, reunion, holiday, or just because.  We can add yoga to give the expe…

Save Some Time Next Weekend

Original Watercolor Posters Sale Online sale begins Friday, Sept. 25.
Studio Sale is Saturday, Sept. 26, 5 - 8 p.m.

Buy more & save more:  1 = $20 or 2 = $36 or 3 = $48
The posters make amazing and inspiring gifts!
The studio sale will be during ACoT's Open House--lots of resident artists in their studios, art to see and buy, live music, refreshments--join the fun!
The online sale will take place HERE.  {Everyday there will be more posters to preview, and Friday the sale will go live!}  See what inspiring art you want to own or give!

Little Bits of Creativity

I was busy writing, and so I didn't really make any art.  I did make a little price sign/collage for Brave Inspiration Card Decks.

It's great to let little bits of creativity overflow into all areas of life.  This makes the world a more beautiful and positive place, too!

Even if you're not doing "creative" work, where can you let creativity in and change the world?

New Painting

I finished this piece this week. Nature vs. Civilization 24 x 30 acrylic on canvas $220 Email me if you want to own this piece of my creativity

Great Morning Painting

I had a great morning painting! 
 One canvas I never really liked is turning into a tree
The bright background of this piece. . .
. . . became super muted for a darker than usual piece that is on its way--stay tuned!

Brave Inspiration Card Deck

I'm so excited to share the Brave Inspiration Card Deck!
Get the details HERE

Mums, Rain Barrels, and More

Here's what I'm working on in the studio this week:

I freshened a painting from a couple years ago for the Mum Fest Open House:

I worked on a rain barrel for a local municipal auction that is still in process and clearly this pix are not in the chronological order, but you get the idea!

I also drew a little book to share with Girl Scouts about RELAXING.

And I have a top secret project that will be revealed this Friday.  {The suspense is killing me!}