Miniature Gardens With A Story

I'm excited to offer a few miniature gardens at my studio this evening, June 23, 5 - 8 p.m.  It's 4th Friday, and I have wanted to create this little landscapes for a while.  Each garden is very low maintenance, and it fits well on a desk or windowsill.  Buy one and continue the story I started!
$12 - $15

An Enchanted Realm:  Walking down a garden path one spies a little light flickering.  The brightness draws one in.  There is miniature lantern in the midst of the garden surrounded by small rocks, shells, and sparkling glass bits.  Who is the resident?  and why did they leave a miniature bottle of pixie dust for me?  Enjoy continuing the adventure! $15

She Sells Seashells at the Fairy Cottage:  Unique shells, a fairy cottage, and pixie dust combine with a miniature plant to inspire imagination and fantastical thoughts.  What story might it inspire in you?  $15

A simple and whimsical detail

A Garden of Hope:  Up from the smooth stones, glass bits and moss arises a living plant.  This is hope manifest!  If you want to incorporate or share hope, this miniature garden awaits you.  $12

Baa Baa Black Sheep:  In this garden small soft plants act as shade trees for the sheep figures standing among the rocks and moss.  This pastoral setting invites one to imagine summer days in the countryside with sunny days and firefly and moonlit nights.  A small bottle of pixie dust and moonbeams is attached.  $15

Prehistoric Forest:  Imagine time traveling back to the age of dinosaurs.  This green stegosaurus is dwarfed by trees of the forest as he wanders boulder strewn fields.  Peak into the past and imagine how the world was long ago.  $12


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